Fall Takes the Stage

One of the best things about a change in season is an excuse to lust after things you don't need you have to have to truly go from summer to fall effortlessly. This season, lush fabrics, prints, and structure are huge. Good tailoring, quality material, and trend piece accessories will provide for your closet for multiple seasons to come.

For me, it's all about velvets, leathers, suedes, and silks. This is nothing new, but my newly found obsession with leather vests is. I'm looking to style icons like mod-rockers from the sixties to influence an easy-but-off-magazine-page vibe for fall. After finishing Patti Smith's 'Just Kids', all I want to do is put on those metallic finished boots below, sit down in a corner of the Chelsea Hotel, and write the best damn piece of poetry you've ever seen. Hey, we all can dream, right? As far as makeup goes, subtle metallics over the eye on an otherwise nude, simple face is a perfect touch of edge. Look for steely blues, grays, and golds.

 photo FALL-LUST-PICKS_zps8e874aa4.gif
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Vacation's All I Ever Wanted

Summer is coming to an end, I'm almost moved in to my new house with a very charming man, and new posts are coming soon.

Till then- soak in the sun. 


Pack You Bags- Styled Travel Shoot with Jessica Arden Photography

Jessi Blakely of Jessica Arden Photography is one of my favorite people. I may be a little bias, but she's  immensely talented, warm-hearted, spunky, and cuter than Dakota Fanning covered in pearly buttons. Jessi and I worked together on the Fashion Drive-By Project with Clarion Content, tend to get a little extravagant with our ideas, and love a good vintage treasure.

For this project, we wanted to highlight the different theme options people can achieve for engagement shoots. The days of having a 'travel suit' and your picture taken right off the plane are long gone, but that feel of elegance, leisure, and romance in wardrobes that came along with jetting away is something we think should be brought back.

Enlisting the help of Cody Tyler (Totes-Codes, visual artist, party extraordinaire, etc.), we played dress up all day.

 photo cady2pp_w820_h615.png
All the sparkles are from Bel Canto Designs, a literal costume jewelry treasure trove. 

 photo IMG_2587pp_w820_h546.png
On the patio at The Cookery (those are old tobacco warehouse shutters)

 photo IMG_2877pp_w820_h546.png
Wardrobe provided from Dolly's Vintage (I think everybody knows
 how obsessed I am with this place by now)

 photo IMG_3001pp_w820_h546.png

View the whole thing at Jessi's blog here


Product Junkies of Summer

With the humidity of tropical storms, high temperatures, and summer months setting in, putting on makeup can often be pointless. Unfortunately, I inherited the family trait of sweating from my face first,  making the illusion of glistening vs. sweating a charming fallacy. Luckily, there are places like Sephora where you can walk in and feel like the world, including sweat defense, is at your fingertips. The picks below have been my go-to lifesavers to still look put together when it's ninety-five degrees out and my eyelids start sweating the minute I walk out the front door:

 photo product-junkies.gif

1. Waterproof Retractable Brow Pencil, Sephora Collection: A contoured, defined brow adds a lot of depth and classic beauty to an otherwise naked face. It's waterproof, easy, and will stay on poolside all day. The perfect compliment to large sunglasses, margaritas, and sunscreen. 

2. Blotting Papers, Sephora Collection: That sweating from my face first comment? I wasn't kidding. These little puppies save my life (and complexion) all day. 

3. Kevin Murphy Resort Spray, Kevin Murphy: I can't talk about this stuff enough. Angela from A-Go-Go Salon (god's gift to hair) introduced me to Kevin Murphy's products, and they are all as magical, weightless, and classic as their enticing, subtle branding. Spray for added texture to keep a blow-out fresh, or to curls for extra lift. Also, it smells like heaven. 

4. Matte Lip Tint in Lively, Tarte: Bright pink lips are another compliment that can stand alone on an otherwise makeup-free face. Sticky lipsticks and glosses feel heavier when it's hot out, and this tint will hold up all day without your ever knowing it's there. 

5. Le Vernis Nail Color in Ballerina, Chanel: Nude polish is almost as classic as Chanel itself. Let lighter tones highlight sun-kissed skin. For olive toned skin, try Emprise, a more peachy tone. 

6. Stella Eau de Perfume, Tocca: This citrusy scent spells summer all over it, and lasts for hours. 

7. Sun Beam highlighter, Benefit: I'm already a massive fan of Benetint, Benefit's nice little pot of roses for cheeks and lips. Think of Sun Bean as it's tall, blonde cousin from California, and use to it to highlight brow and cheek bones for defined, glowing lines. 

8. Camera Ready BB Cream, Smashbox- With SPF 35, this stuff covers blemishes, protects from sun, and wears light as a feather. It's kind of my new best friend. 


Frocking Around Town

Everyone has something they can't get enough of in their closets. White blouses (guilty), nude heels (guilty), and spring dresses (especially guilty). With designers mixing neons, pastels, bright patterns, and romantic fabrics, there are more than enough trends to keep your closet happy and new.

The right dress has the ability to make you feel immensely glamorous, breezy, and perfect in a matter of seconds (or however long it takes you to put it on). But different occasions call for different ratios of flirt vs. minimal, bright vs. simple, and don't even get me started on the connotations behind different hemlines. Below are five picks for the various warm-weather, oh-do-I-accidentally-look-amazing situations you find yourself in as the temperatures rise. Personally, I need the dual-toned maxi like I need oxygen, and nothing beats lace for adding romance. The white open-shouldered Amador dress is ideal for a daytime jaunt, and the secret garden dress will have everyone staring. Plus, when it's warmer we get to call dresses 'frocks', yet another reason to stock up now.

 photo fivedresses-2013.gif

You can find direct links to purchase on the Fashionably Tactless pinterest board Summer 2013 Survival Kit. Check back for more items you can't possibly live without for another month, like lip tint, Clinique CC cream, Warby Parkers, and sparkly pens. You know, the bare necessities. 


Seven Little Luxuries

With as much as I love putting together perfect spring wish list ensembles online, it's the little things that get me-

 photo five_favs-1.gif

1. Pantone iPhone case in Yellow - Remember when you were a kid and the only way you could stomach a trip to Home Depot with your Dad was by stocking up on paint chips? Wait, I think I still have that problem.

2. 'Wear Sequins to Breakfast' Pencils - Inspirational quotes like these are really useful to have at your desk, especially when they are completely realistic and within reach.

3. Seahorse Salt Cellar - Honestly, I have absolutely no need for a salt cellar, especially one that costs seventy-five bucks. But seriously - can you imagine having this thing on your table? Anything you cook would automatically be considered gold.

4. Looking Up Pillow - If we can't travel somewhere european and incredibly romantic this summer, we can at least drink wine and stare at this pillow long enough till we're almost there.

5. Every Little Password Book - This handmade treasure from Mr.Boddington's Studio is just so incredibly chic and beautiful, I'm pretty sure when you collect your passwords in this you become an immensely important person.

6. Butter London Nail Lacquer in Poole - The cool, trendy hue gives skin an instantly warmer look, and Butter's bottles always make hands feel more expensive.

7. Magnifying Glass Necklace - Little charms are an adornment one can never have too much of. Plus, you can totally pretend this is a monocle when no one is looking.

For item links, visit the pinterest board here.


Spring Look : Grey + White + Gold

 photo lb7.gif 

Had a chance to catch up with Raleigh Static this past week on a sunny afternoon. Even with all the bright, eclectic patterns taking over trends this season,  I'm still obsessed with combining light neutrals; grays, creams, and whites are everyone's friend, and they're even better together. 

 photo lb4.gif 

 photo lb2.gif 

 photo lb3.gif 

 photo lb1.gif 

 photo lb5.gif 

 photo lb8.gif

 photo lb6.gif
I was wearing:
Shoes by Aldo
Bag from ModCloth
Top from Francesca's
Necklace from HT Jewelry
Ampersand stacking ring from CatBirdNYC
photos by Raleigh Static