Pack You Bags- Styled Travel Shoot with Jessica Arden Photography

Jessi Blakely of Jessica Arden Photography is one of my favorite people. I may be a little bias, but she's  immensely talented, warm-hearted, spunky, and cuter than Dakota Fanning covered in pearly buttons. Jessi and I worked together on the Fashion Drive-By Project with Clarion Content, tend to get a little extravagant with our ideas, and love a good vintage treasure.

For this project, we wanted to highlight the different theme options people can achieve for engagement shoots. The days of having a 'travel suit' and your picture taken right off the plane are long gone, but that feel of elegance, leisure, and romance in wardrobes that came along with jetting away is something we think should be brought back.

Enlisting the help of Cody Tyler (Totes-Codes, visual artist, party extraordinaire, etc.), we played dress up all day.

 photo cady2pp_w820_h615.png
All the sparkles are from Bel Canto Designs, a literal costume jewelry treasure trove. 

 photo IMG_2587pp_w820_h546.png
On the patio at The Cookery (those are old tobacco warehouse shutters)

 photo IMG_2877pp_w820_h546.png
Wardrobe provided from Dolly's Vintage (I think everybody knows
 how obsessed I am with this place by now)

 photo IMG_3001pp_w820_h546.png

View the whole thing at Jessi's blog here


  1. Creative Pics with nice background and colors too...Liked it

  2. All the photos are great, but I like more the first 2 of them. Is so much elegance in those pictures :)

  3. Extraordinary photos! :) And beautiful models :)

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