5 Gifting Options For The College Gang

During the four years of graduation, you’ve made a great gang and each one is now going their own way. Some into business, some into jobs or some into further studies! How would it be if each of you gets a souvenir to remember the great gang, something that everyone would cherish and keep for a life time? The gang has come up with suggestions like t shirt printing, key chains, mobile covers,customized invitation cards and collage maker online from the other things available online as the perfect souvenirs amongst the lot. These are not expensive and would be loved by all, now the option remains how to make them explicitly stand out from other ideas or gifts.

Let’s look at a few options to be unique and to stand out from among the crowd.

Option 1

T shirt printing, but with a group photo of each gang member, on the front side; Imagine the coolness of everyone wearing the same tee shirt when you go to the local hang out or to a movie hall. The group would surely stand out in the crowd, showing the bonding and unity that is the identity of the groupfind love

Option 2

Invitation Card

The graduation day party would have most of the parents visiting the college or university. Invitation card going out to them having a group photo of the entire class is a great idea and will definitely be appreciated as a keeper item for the rest of the lives of the gang.

Option 3

Collage Maker Online

The group had a great 4 years which were full of events like picnics, educational tours and birthday parties. The photos taken at these events will always be cherished and the memories re lived every time the photos are viewed. A Collage maker online of photos from these events will help spread the groups popularity to a large extent and will be accessible to the group members at any time they need to view these.find love

Option 4

Key chains with the group’s name

key chains are  very useful and definitely something that we use on a daily basis. The groups name engraved on the metal that will remain forever sounds like a great idea to give out to each group member.find love

Option 5

Mobile  covers with a customized photo

Mobile covers or back covers are the current generation’s favourite accessory and having one that identifies with the group that you belonged to in college is nothing short of a prized possession and will always be cherished.

In summary; is it a tee shirt printing, mobile covers or key chains an invitation card or an online collage maker of your best photos, the gifting options to be always remembered as the most fun loving and unique group in the college? Looking at it even after 50 years will definitely take you down the nostalgic memory lane.