How to use stripes during summer

The stripes are, as always are expected to be, great news for the spring season. The stripes were given a place of honour in the collections of Gucci and Jonathan Saunders at Casely-Hayford and Emporio Armani where they are applied to a wide variety of garments that includes both basic tailored such as elegant pants and T-shirts as well as pants and accessories.

With stripes, a perennial spring/summer trend, there will be no shortage of options for this year. If you already have a classic for the top, our recommendation would be to diversify your look to the making of stripes, shorts or long, or mens knitwear. Consider also to choose garments with thicker stripes or patterns with vivid colours to give that modern touch to that timeless pattern and to successfully implement the stripes, try to look your basic shirt with a pair of shorts and cotton cloth shoes Tailored for a summer look.Image result for How to use stripes during summer

Before rushing to buy, it is worth remembering that the stripes will have different effects on your size and shape. For example, horizontal stripes tend to make you look thicker by breaking the vertical silhouette, while vertical stripes attract the look quickly, causing the length/height effect. With this in mind, if you are wider and shorter, it is better to avoid the former, while the longer knights would do well to stay away from the latter

Get a classic and cool look

Some fashion experts will tell you that a striped mens shirts has sports essence. What do you mean with this? A garment of this type is made to be worn with casual or semi-formal looks.

Do not listen to everything they tell you. Nowadays it is valid that you wear it with a suit or with some dress pants. The trick is to pay special attention to the thickness of the stripes. We recommend that you do not choose shirts with horizontal stripes. Horizontal striped polo shirts and t-shirts are an ideal garment for any man but in the shirt the effect is different. Not only does it give them a too casual look, it is also a difficult item to wear if you are not thin. The stripes can make you look stylish and much more stylised depending on the way you use them.

Here we will share some tips for you to take advantage.

Vertical stripes

When we talk about stripes in clothes we have two options: horizontal or vertical. If you want to give a little shape to your body and disguise those parts that you do not like so much, opt for vertical stripes, these will make you look much taller and disguise.

Very thin stripes

Thick streaks, whether horizontal or vertical, will never have class. The general rule is that when you choose to use these types of textures, use them as thin as possible, trying not to pass the recommended width of 1 inch. This applies to any body type.

Use stripes on accessories

If you are not 100% sure whether to wear stripes or not, then you can choose to use it in accessories. Whether bags, scarves and even in shoes. You can also choose to wear a jacket with this texture and a blouse in a plain colour, or vice versa.

Striped pants

Striped pants have become very popular today. These should be used in a careful way and if you feel that they do not favour you, avoid them at all costs. This type of garment is best suited for people with thin legs.