Light-up shoes, a great gift this year?

Fashion trends keep changing. If you are up to date with the latest fashion trend, then you might be aware of led sneakers. These made a debut in the 90’s and surely many of us might have owned these during our childhood days.

Light Up Shoes for Grown Ups Too

Many of us might feel shy to try out these shoes as you might find yourself too old to try these out. Well here is some good news for you. Light-up shoes are also available for adults. If you browse online, you might come across many brands such as Glidekicks that have a good collection of men, women, and kids light up shoes.

You might want to research about the shoes that you wish to buy. Not all that you see out there are genuine or of good quality. Look for reviews offered by customers who have used such shoes.Related image

Safety and Comfort in Dark Areas

Walking alone at night is not safe. Mishaps and accidents can take place. These LED shoes can prevent mishaps by:

  • Making it easier for vehicle to see you walking
  • Prevent accidents in workplace especially during night shifts as people can see where you are
  • If drivers are whooshing past, they might immediately stop if they notice your LED shoes
  • If you love to jog or run at night, these LED shoes help you stay safe

In addition, these are stylish and trendy and can easily catch anyone’s eye. Want that cute guy or girl to pay attention to you, show off your dance moves with these LED shoes. They might get impressed.

LED Shoes for Men and Women

Men too can look at the mens light up shoes and relive their childhood. You can choose from different styles, fabrics, and designs. You can choose from different colors such as green, cyan, red, yellow, or purple or go in for 7 color cycles that keep rotating different colors after few minutes.

You can charge your USB chargers for both shoes simultaneously from your mobile or laptop. A full charged LED shoes might run up to 7 to 8 hours approximately.

Women can go in for high arches or flat shoes depending on their preferences. You can combine these with your party wears or jeans.


You can be assured about the safety of these shoes as good quality shoes are water resistant and shock proof. Kids too can use them and enjoy running or sloshing around in water without having to worry about damaging them.  Also looking at light up shoe reviews can be helpful when choosing the ultimate pair.