Simple tips to tweak bridal designer lehengas- Why pay more?

 Every little girl dreams of getting married one day, dressing up in nines in the wedding finery and all attention on her! Marriage was and always will be an integral part of our culture, the idea of taking ahead of the cultural well being of the family or just the name has always made it the foremost important thing. For girls dressing up as a bride comes as the most alluring thing, the fashion world sparkling with new patterns of designer lehengaseveryday, the markets playing the pied piper when it comes to the wedding extravaganza, that literally transforms her into an entirely different world-free from worries and all the responsibilities lay ahead as a married food

From getting lured by the latka-jhatkas of the silver screen, the gold laden gorgeous bride and the wedding paraphernalia larger than life, the new bride wants it all. With the multitude of latest designer lehengas available in all colors and shapes the would-be-bride is more confused than ever. Gone are the days when things were simpler! We pay our tribute to ourdaadis and naanis who got married in their sarees that were passed on to them by their mothers or grandmothers, alas if things could be lucid again!

We are princesses to our fathers and they are ready to fulfill every whim and fancy that we have, and especially when it comes to the wedding of his little darling, how could he say no? But here’s the catch don’t you feel that it’s time the woman-in-question became a little sensible and smart too? Yes, this is our day, we want to look our best-for-years-to-come, we want to outshine every possible bride on the face of the Earth, but can’t we play the damage control card a bit and spend a little carefully (not talking of being stringy, be assured of that).dog food

Read ahead and tell me if you agree (after all these are my opinions and mine alone)

  1. Spending so much for one day,REALLLYYY?

Summing up the budget every single time you go on shopping spree is a common trait of the would-be-brides. The bridal designerlehengas cost a bomb but all you need to do is SURVEY (obviously, not for making a statistical report): step in almost eight to ten shops and what you have to ask for is- Sangeetlehenga. Yes! You heard me right. It is a hidden truth that the salesman quotes the price as per the occasion you’re celebrating in house. A bridal lehengachunni told to them would cross your budget, but the same lehenga would have a less price tag on the name of sangeet outfit.

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  1. Are you expenses shooting through the roof?

You surely must be carrying an idea of design, color, cut and motifs for your D-day attire.Knowing all this, make a smart choice by getting the piece customized rather ordering at a design shop and feeling hacked. It is simple! Don’t go overboard and start highlighting the blouse and dupatta with heavy embroidery, motifs, mirrors and kundan-tikka embellishments etc. Your shutterbug knows exactly what to reveal and what to hide. The skirt is rarely snapped by your enthusiastic photographer as most of the times, your image up the waist is taken. Soooo… Cut down large and diffused motif from the designer lehenga and enhance the look of blouse and dupatta. You would look so elegant that no one would be able to take eyes off you.

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  1. Hold on! What will you do of it the next day?

Stunning and breathtaking appearance of the lehengachunni hovers over me after one month of marriage. Not because I am looking for the event to wear it again, but butbut I don’t want to slide into it again. This is one situation that every bride faces, even after spending an exorbitant amount on a lehnga-choli that you may or may not even wear once again in your lifetime. So, What to do? Rent! Yes, rent the latest designer lehenga.Oh emgeeeThis is awesome because you can get the most stylish, celebrity-wearing and pataka-looking outfit at a kissed price of your choice just by renting one for a day-night celebration. Who cares where it came from and where it goes the next morning. Make the most of it by stealing the limelight at a price that you and I can never think of.

  1. What about the jewels to complete the look- gold, silver and pearls?

Having matching jewelry is the only goal left to achieve after you have picked one from all the bridal designer lehengas.The game begins! Fancy and imitation jewelry involve so much with it like: classics in gold, maangtikka, nathini in nose, elegant neckpieces, dazzling earrings, colorful bajuband, cocktail ring, payal for ankles that shake the budget with a thought of buying. The list is still going on with the addition of mirror work clutches, beautiful potlis, hair embellishments and jootis with adorable ghungroos that cost so much in total. Give your elder sister a call and go to market that is a hub of artificial jewels. Go easy on the accessories! The lights and camera flashes will add all the sparkle and glitter you ever imagined to see in your day’s photo album.

  1. Search online for your favorite designer’s ensemble

There is a whole array of designers that are joined with fashion online portals that sell the wedding finery as well. The trick is to go to the designer’s home page, browse through their latest exhibited designs there and then go to the online portals where they are sold too. You may get the same design and style at a throwaway price. Don’t know why but these online portals are much cheaper than the showrooms, so do check them out. Afterall penny saved is penny earned!dog food

When this big arrives in your life, make sure that you do not spend the hard earned money like water but simple incorporate these styling hacks to get a richer, finer and brighter look. The online stores and open markets have it all for you and your perfect look. Go along with your sister, cousin and mom to grab everything that matches your shape, height and skin tone. The collection of lehenga online brings a range of classy and trendy elements for you so get the one for your day.

Hey! Where is your smile? Wear it on the day because it holds a surprise element. No one would scan your accessories and outfit but your loved ones will definitely look for whether you seem to be happy or not. Enjoy your big special day!