Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Wedding

Congratulations! You got engaged and set the date for the wedding and now it’s time to start planning. The first thing on the list is setting the right budget and making a guest list. After that has been figured out, you can move on to these most essential things for planning your big day.


Choose a venue

First, you should decide whether you want to have an indoor or an outdoor wedding. If you decide in favor of an indoor one, you can book a restaurant, a wedding hall or your home if there is enough space. On the other hand, if you decide to have it outside, you can check for permits and have your wedding and the reception at the park, beach or in your yard. It doesn’t matter where you’re going to have your wedding, just make sure there is enough space for everyone and for some dancing.


Invite your guests

When the venue has been figured out, the next step is inviting your guests. Wedding invitations are the most traditional way to do it, but you can be creative in order to make them unique. Have someone design the invitations or do it yourself. There are hundreds of ideas on how to design and decorate the wedding invitations and you just have to find the design that suits your desires and the wedding theme.

Find the dress

The wedding dress is every bride’s biggest essential. It is something that makes the bride unique and stunning for her big day. The first thing to consider is matching the dress to your body type. If the dress is the right fit, you will feel comfortable and more confident. The second aspect is finding the right color. You can go with the traditional white gown, or you can opt for some beige or crème shades. If you’re bolder, you can choose some other color if it fits your style and wedding theme.

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Seize every moment

No wedding should pass unrecorded and that’s why you need to hire a team to take photos and videos. Each joyous and emotional moment should be seized so you could always remember your wedding day like it was just yesterday. In order to make this happen, you should research your options for wedding videography in Sydney and the team of professionals will make sure to record every single moment.


Order food and cake

Depending on the theme of your wedding and the venue you can opt for a sit-down dinner or a buffet. This will further determine the meals and snacks for your wedding. You can opt for several different courses for the sit-down dinner, while you can go with some finger food and bite-size courses for a buffet. Whatever you choose, just make sure it fits both your budget and your guests’ tastes. Also, order a cake a few months before the big day. Make sure to taste several different types of cakes before making the decision and to match it to your wedding theme.

Wedding planning takes time and effort, but with these few essentials, everything is taken care of. Make a list, pay attention to details, and everyone will have a marvelous time on your wedding day.