What to Do Before Pregnancy

The thought of getting pregnant exposed me to things that I needed to do in order to have fun and get healthy as i continue to prepare for pregnancy. While wondering what to do before pregnancy, I took the pre-pregnancy course in Babedu Academy.

In this course, emphasis was laid in the necessity of having a parenting talk. I engaged in a parenting talk with my partner and we discussed certain parental issues. We addressed the issue of working vs staying at home, private schools and public schools, religious traditions among others. This pre-pregnancy course showed me methods to tackle any problem that might arise during the process of pregnancy and before getting pregnant.

The course also explained why I should quit birth control methods for some months. It was termed as what to do before pregnancy. I had the opportunity to observe my menstrual cycle and identify my ovulation period. With the aid of this pre-pregnancy course, I stopped taking pills and this corrected the irregularities in my cycle.

Another tip that I learnt on what to do before pregnancy is to reduce the intake of caffeine. While I was preparing to get pregnant, I stopped taking caffeine since I was an addict. I am happy for the smooth pregnancy and delivery process that I experienced. I am currently a nursing mother with a baby girl.

The final advice that I got from the course trainer was to avoid drinking and smoking during pregnancy. Even though, I was a moderate drinker, I reduced the level of my drink intake immediately as soon as I got pregnant. This is one of the reasons for my fertility improvement. I am so happy to use this service and I will keep telling my friends about the magic. You need to join Babedu Academy today for a quality pre-pregnancy course.